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Nick Marchant luthier of 35 years experience

Salisbury, Wiltshire, Southern England U.K.

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We set up and repair electric or acoustic guitars plus any stringed instrument from ukulele to double-bass. We also make guitars and other instruments to order.

all wood guitar sound hole

Hand cut and inlaid soundhole rosette by Nick Marchant
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We are extremely competitive - see our pricelist
Where else can you get a full professional re-fret for only £100 ?

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A recent testimonial from professional acoustic artist Nigel Mazlyn-Jones ("entirely original acoustic folk sound, some of the best acoustic music in the UK"-Shindig! Magazine)

.... what a beautiful sound has matured out of the cutaway sunburst acoustic you made in 1997. It has grown on me to the point that it is now my favorite guitar from a playing and a sound point of view. The craftsmanship all round is wonderful and the sound hole marquetry is a special delight to the eye. The tonal accuracy and overall balance across all the frequencies from very high to very low is really noticeable especially when I record with it, usually on a pair of matching Audio Technica 4033 large diaphragm mikes. It also has much more volume and warmth than anyone would expect from a small bodied cutaway acoustic that would normally be perfect for jazzy crisp sounds cutting through, but in the passing years the warmth has increased noticeably. It still has a crisp top as well but the warmth has surprised me and those who have heard the un doctored raw recordings of it on my studio Tannoy monitors. So thanks for a fine instrument that has got right under my skin in the last 14 years and made itself a great friend to me as it has started to write songs all on its own! Now I will embark on retrofitting a good internal mike and transducer. Thanks and good luck with all you do.

"I put my Schecter in the best hands in Wiltshire, twice, and each time was nothing short of an amazing service. I had a full intonation setup and string change (Floyd Rose) and a Sustainiac Stealth Pro fitted, remarkable work. Going to be my Luthier for as long as I'm in the South West. "


"Nick did a fantastic job on my Tanglewood acoustic, replugging the bridge with rose wood and redrilling the pin holes, invisible seams, perfect!"


"Had a chance to put it through its paces and I love it. Thank you so much for such a terrific job, really very much appreciated. Till the next time!"


"Re: Aslin Dane - Hi Nick, Just writing to say what a great job you did on the guitar, worth every penny."


"Nick has fixed up two guitars for me in the last year. He took the mess I gave him (one of them was literally in bits) and gave me back stunning working guitars! For incredibly reasonable prices to boot! Highly recommended! The man is a guitar fixing legend!."

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