Bell's Music Catalogue Part 1

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Memorabilia from the early sixties - all the instruments are European - Hofner · Futurama · Hagstrom · Levin · Burns · Watkins · Framus - although Gibson and Fender do get a mention in the string sets.

Former pupils remembered the school’s most famous old boy, guitarist Eric Clapton, as “rather shy, moody and withdrawn”, but also a practical joker. He attended between 1958 and 1961, but was often seen “staring intently through the window of Bell’s Music shop in the Ewell Road and looking enviously at the new colourful electric guitars which were just coming into vogue”.

All the prices are in pre-decimal Pounds,Shillings and Pence - Guineas are used as well
( 1 Guinea = 1 Pound 1 Shilling - a sixties sales ploy to make things seem cheaper!)

The location of the Bell's Music shop

Bell Musical Instruments Surbiton


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Hofner Violin Bass

Acoustic Committee + President

Acoustic Senator + Congress

Hofner President and Senator - Electric

President and Senator Basses

Hofner Committee and Verithin Basses

 Hofner Galaxie

Hofner Artist Bass

Solid Hofner Bass


Hofner Super

 Hofner Hawaiian

 The Bell's Catalogue Part 2 

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