Bell's Music Catalogue Part 3
( Burns · Watkins · WEM )

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One of the more famous names of British guitars  Burns  were probably just becoming established when this catalogue came out although the prices suggest that "The Shadows" use of these guitars had made them desirable

The Vista-sonic famously had the "wild-dog" switch setting also Brian May used  Burns pickups  in his own hand built guitar


Another piece of British guitar history - see the  watkinsguitars  site for more detail.
My first proper guitar was a Watkins Rapier - the guitars and the famous "copicat" went under the Watkins name while amps were usually labelled WEM(Watkins Electric Music)


Although not a legendary name in the amp world like Marshall or Vox, Wem has a claim to be pioneering in the P.A. field - they were the first to put a 1kilowatt rig together (for the Windsor Festival 1967)

This was state of the art P.A. in the early 1960's - 30 watts of power!

I think most British bands would be using Vox amps for guitar at this time - WEM was a cheaper option

These are more vintage looking amps - would definitely love the "Joker" just for the magic eye

The Copicat was a fantastic bit of kit for its time - another true innovation from Mr Watkins

This one doesn't seem to have given much competition to the other keyboards of the day

For more on all things WEM visit 

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